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Meet the team

Our fantastic LGM team makes everything we do possible.

We’re a family business, so we know each other well and enjoy working together. We’re professional but approachable, and we hope that comes across in every interaction we have with you, our customers.

As a bit of fun, each team member recently chose a Lego character to represent another person on the team — and here are the results!

To see more of what we get up to as a team, follow us on Linkedin.

Alister – Managing Director

Responsible for the overall strategic direction. Chris selected the technician for Alister as he loves rummaging around the warehouse and testing new products.


Dawn – Finance Director

Dawn is responsible for providing strategic and financial oversight to the company. If you are quick you can see her racing up the Surrey Hills with her Nordic walking poles!


Dawn on LinkedIn

Nic – Sales Director

Responsible for sales development and customer maintenance. Jo selected The Flash Lego for Nic as he loves a spin in his flashy electric car and races around the warehouse.


Nic on LinkedIn

Sophie – Operations Director

Responsible for development of new business, working practices and sales. Alister chose the lady with the display board as Sophie spent a long time bossing Alister around to build our new office display board.


Sophie on LinkedIn

Maisie – Sales Administrator

Maisie is responsible for ongoing sales support and customer order processing. She loves a good book and a big mug of hot chocolate!


Maisie on LinkedIn

Chris – Internal Operations Manager

Responsible for ongoing sales support, goods in and dispatch logistics. Alister chose the IT technician for Chris as he is our IT guru and rescues us from trouble.


Oddisious – Purchasing and Finance Manager

Responsible for purchasing and daily company financials. Nic chose this Lego character as Oddisious loves a good work out and is always dressed to impress.


Jason - Warehouse AssistantJason – Warehouse Assistant

Jason is responsible for assisting our warehouse team. Jason is fuelled on coffee and makes an excellent brew too!