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KFI approval for Signaline FT Linear Heat Detection Cable

We are pleased to announce that our Signaline Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detection Cable has been approved by the Korean Fire Institute.KFI

This KFI approval for both our FT-68 and FT-88 cables demonstrate our continued commitment to providing our customers with high quality and internationally approved products.

Signaline FT linear heat detection cable detects a build-up of heat anywhere along its length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature, an alarm is initiated.

Linear heat detection is an ideal solution for applications such as conveyor beltstank farms and high voltage cable trays.

Signaline FT is also UL and FM approved and now with KFI approval we look forward to exploring the Korean market further.

Click here for more information on our Signaline FT cable or contact our sales team for further assistance.

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