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LGM Partner Big Blue Ocean Clean Up To Clean Our Seas

In 2020 LGM made a choice; to review all aspects of our business and reduce our carbon footprint.

But why stop there?

Like so many, we have become increasingly concerned about the levels of pollution and waste within our precious oceans and seas. So we decided to take some positive action.

Big Blue Ocean Clean Up is a non-profit organisation committed to ending ocean pollution. To date, they have removed 2 million Kg of rubbish from our oceans.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup Logo

Further to their extensive cleaning projects they are also investing in providing free educational resources, researching ocean pollution for policy change and supporting the development of innovative technologies to help reduce ocean pollution.

LGM is delighted therefore to announce our corporate partnership with Big Blue Ocean Clean Up.

LGM support will enable Big Blue Ocean Clean Up to continue its devoted work and help remove even more rubbish from our seas.

Specifically, LGM has invested in the marine animal entanglement rescue boat project.

This new boat will prevent entanglements, rescue entangled vulnerable animals, trawl for micro-plastics and research ocean pollution.

The boat is a 41 foot ECO wind powered catamaran with solar panels. The boat will be MCA safety coded by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Small Commercial Vessel and Pilot Boat Code of Practice. The boat will be prepared and equipped to conform with the MCA Code of Practice MGN280.

We are very excited about this project and cant wait to see the boat launch and begin it’s valuable work.

To understand more about what Big Blue Ocean Clean Up do please click here. Alternatively check out their social media below for the latest updates.



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