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The bell is the most commonly used alarm for fire evacuation systems and is also a familiar sound to school pupils changing classes all over the world. We offer a range of bells for indoor and outdoor use including IP66 weatherproof bells and units suitable for marine applications. Click on a product for further details.

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ClamBell Fire Alarm Bell ClamBell Fire Alarm Bell Fire Alarm Bell with IP56 variant
AB6 Economy Bell AB6 Economy Bell Industrial Signalling Bell
A8BM Solenoid Bell A8BM Solenoid Bell 8 Inch Weatherproof Bell
A6BM Solenoid Bell A6BM Solenoid Bell 6 Inch Weatherproof Bell
DGW21 Ex Signalling Bell DGW21 Ex Signalling Bell Exde Signalling Bell
BExH120-R ‘Belltronic’ Ex Bell BExH120-R ‘Belltronic’ Ex Bell Hazardous Area 'Bell-Tronic'

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