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Intrinsically Safe barriers (or I.S. barriers) provide both power and signal isolation for use in hazardous area systems. LGM Products supplies MTL galvanic isolator and zener I.S. barriers which facilitate a safe connection between intrinsically safe circuits and non-intrinsically safe circuits. Their purpose is to protect circuits installed in explosive risk areas.

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MTL 5561 IS Galvanic Barrier MTL 5561 IS Galvanic Barrier Intrinsically safe; for use in hazardous areas
MTL 5521 IS Barrier MTL 5521 IS Barrier Galvanic Isolator
MTL 5517 IS Barrier MTL 5517 IS Barrier Galvanic Isolator
MTL 5511 IS Barrier MTL 5511 IS Barrier Galvanic Isolator
MTL7728+ IS Barrier MTL7728+ IS Barrier Zener Barrier
MTL5525 IS Barrier MTL5525 IS Barrier Galvanic Isolator
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