Linear heat detection clips and extras products

Clips, fixings and other mounting accessories used with Signaline Linear heat detectors

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Signaline FT LocatorPlus Signaline FT LocatorPlus Fixed Temperature LHD Controller and Alarm Locator
MTL 5561 IS Galvanic Barrier MTL 5561 IS Galvanic Barrier Intrinsically safe; for use in hazardous areas
Signaline Alarm Point Distant Locator (APDL) Signaline Alarm Point Distant Locator (APDL) Alarm locator for use with Signaline FT linear heat detector
Signaline Universal Connector Box (UCB) Signaline Universal Connector Box (UCB) Junction Box, Interposing Line unit or End of line unit for Signaline Linear Heat
Signaline Auto Cable Collector (ACC) Signaline Auto Cable Collector (ACC) Turnbuckle with extendible cable for floating roof applications
Signaline Beam Clamp Assembly Signaline Beam Clamp Assembly Metal Clamp assembly for LHD
Signaline J Clip Signaline J Clip Metal Clip for use with Signaline LHD
Signaline Retractable Cable Signaline Retractable Cable Extending cable for Signaline LHD
Signaline P Clip (SS316) Signaline P Clip (SS316) Signaline LHD fixation clip
Signaline T Clip Signaline T Clip Plastic fixation for Signaline LHD
Signaline K Clip Signaline K Clip Cost saving plastic fixation for Signaline LHD
Signaline A Clip Signaline A Clip Plastic Fixation for Signaline LHD
Signaline Edge Clip Signaline Edge Clip Metal Fixation for Signaline LHD

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