Visual signalling products

LGM Products can offer end users one of the world’s widest selections of visual signalling devices including rotating, filament and Xenon beacons. We can supply visual status indicators, marine grade beacons and explosion proof or flame proof products for hazardous areas.

Our range also includes EN54-23 approved LED beacons which conform to the latest European standards for visual warning devices.

Our devices are suitable for fire, marine, hazardous area, offshore, industrial, agricultural and commercial markets.

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LED beacons (1)

Our LED beacons utilise the latest superbright LED technology meaning end users can benefit not only from a high performance product but also reduced current consumption on their operating systems. We also have EN54:23 approved LED Beacons as well as LED beacon for hazardous areas.   Show just LED beacons alone...

MBLD2 Multi-function LED Beacon MBLD2 Multi-function LED Beacon Marine Grade LED Beacon

Rotating mirror beacons (1)

Proven to be the most effective way of drawing attention to a hazard the rotating beacon is still a key product in our extensive variety of beacons.   Show just Rotating mirror beacons alone...

STExB2RT1 Rotating Halogen Beacon STExB2RT1 Rotating Halogen Beacon 20W/25W Explosion Proof Rotating Beacon

Xenon beacons (4)

LGM Products has a wide variety of Xenon flashing beacons most commonly used in the fire and gas detection industries. As well as our Fire alarm products we can offer Xenon beacons suited for industrial, marine, offshore and hazardous areas.   Show just Xenon beacons alone...

FL40 Xenon Beacon FL40 Xenon Beacon Xenon Beacon
MCB005-05 Marine Grade Xenon Beacon MCB005-05 Marine Grade Xenon Beacon Dual Marine Grade 5J Xenon Beacon
MBX05 Marine Grade 5J Xenon Strobe Beacon MBX05 Marine Grade 5J Xenon Strobe Beacon Marine Grade 5JXenon Beacon
MBX10 Marine Grade Xenon Beacon MBX10 Marine Grade Xenon Beacon Marine Grade 10J Xenon Beacon
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