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Banshee IS28 IS Sounder

Intrinsically Safe Sounder

Banshee IS28 IS Sounder

The IS28 Banshee is an intrinsically safe sounder for use in hazardous areas. It is available in either high or low frequency versions each with four tones: buzz, fast sweep, slow sweep and continuous. The high frequency unit has a sound output signal based on 2,600Hz for maximum audibility. The low frequency model has the sound output centred on 900Hz to satisfy installations that demand a low frequency sounder. The IS28 has been ITS approved to ATEX and is suitable for use in all zones (0, 1 and 2). The IS28 has also been approved to IEC Ex by Testsafe for mining applications.

UK flag Made in the UK

Decibel output: 100
IP rating: 66
Voltages available: 24V DC
Suitable for:
Approvals: , ,

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