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D1XS2F Explosion Proof Sounder

125DB Explosion proof Sounder

D1XS2F Explosion Proof Sounder

125dB(A) alarm horn. The D1xS2F is a high output alarm horn sounder with re-entrant flare horn. Low current consumption and high SPL in a robust Type 4/4X, IP66 marine grade, corrosion proof aluminium enclosure ensure the D1xS2F is suitable for all Class I & II Division 1, Zone 1 & 20 explosion proof signaling applications. The 24V dc version is approved for public mode fire alarm use and the 110-240V ac version for general signaling use.

Featuring 64 alarm sounds, the alarm tone frequencies for the first 2 stages are independently selectable. Each of the available 4 stage/channels can be remotely triggered e.g. via an external relay. Approved for gas groups ABCD for use in Class I Division 1, Class I Zone 1 IIC and for dust groups FG for use in Class II Division 1, Zone 20 IIIB environments. The termination chamber and cover feature a threaded flameproof joint simplifying both installation and routine maintenance.

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Decibel output: 125DB
IP rating: 66
Voltages available: 115V AC, 12V DC, 230V AC, 24V DC, 48V DC
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