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Esprit Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (Apollo Protocol)

Esprit Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (Apollo Protocol)

These neat, compact and attractive addressable fire alarm control panels are of the high-quality build you have come to expect from Haes and have the following features:

  • 1 expandable to 2 loop & 1 expandable to 4 loop versions easily expandable with simple plug-in loop cards
  • 500mA Loop driver circuits
  • Supports Apollos core protocol allowing up to 240 devices per loop with Soteria devices
  • Simple C & E programming with software freely available from the Haes-Tech Website
  • Requires a readily available standard USB to printer lead for programming
  • Training videos freely available to view on the Haes Tech website
  • Up to 8 panels / repeaters on Haes Fault Tolerant network
  • Support for Apollos XP95 and Discovery Product Ranges
  • 3.4A Integral PSU in both models
  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Large Graphical Display with User Friendly menu structure
  • 18 zonal LEDs in the 1 to 2 loop and 36 zonal LEDs in the 1 to 4 loop panels

UK flag Made in the UK

Voltages available: 230V AC
Suitable for:
Approvals: ,

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