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LEDD125 LED Beacon

Multifunction LED Beacon

LEDD125 LED Beacon

The LEDD and LEDA125 series are suitable for security, process control & industrial applications, where low maintenance and long life are the pre-requisite requirement. These beacons offer a three stage alarm option, selected by a jumper link on the PCB: 1. Continuous mode 2. Flashing mode at 1Hz 3. Flashing mode at 2Hz An advantage of the Continuous mode is that it can be controlled via a remote source (ie. control panel / plc etc ) offering the potential of remote flash option. The design for the DC unit allows for termination inside the enclosure via an M12 sealing grommet in the base. The AC units are supplied with a 1 metre flying lead.

UK flag Made in the UK

IP rating: 65
Voltages available: 115V AC, 230V AC, 24V DC
Suitable for:

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