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MBB-2 Marine Mounting Back Box with Glands

Marine Approved Deckhead Mounting Box

MBB-2 Marine Mounting Back Box with Glands

The approved design of the MBB-1 provides a splash-proof, secure fixing for the Hochiki CDX and ESP Marine Approved Range of Detectors and their associated Bases.  It can be installed on a variety of different fixing surfaces and because it has been manufactured to match the colour of Hochiki’s range of products, it provides an aesthetically pleasing solution where surface fixed devices are required.

The housing supports four 20 mm glanded entries, for zone, or loop cabling access.  It is also supplied with base fixing screws and two cable glands specifically designed to provide protection against water ingress.

The detector base fits directly onto the MBB-1 and sits within a slight recess.  This provides the accurate fit and the protection against dust and water ingress.

The MBB-1 is also the recommended choice of back box for Hochiki’s Waterproof Heat Detectors, the Conventional DFG-60E and the Intelligent ACB-EW.

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