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Orbis IS Heat Detectors

Intrinsically Safe Conventional Heat Detector

Orbis IS Heat Detectors

The Orbis IS Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a single thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature. The Orbis IS range incorporates seven heat detector classes to suit a wide range of operating conditions.

Apollo Part Numbers: ORB-HT-51145-APO, ORB-HT-51157-APO, ORB-HT-51147-APO, ORB-HT-51149-APO, ORB-HT-51151-APO, ORB-HT-51153-APO, ORB-HT-51155-APO, ORB-HT-51146-APO, ORB-HT-51158-APO, ORB-HT-51148-APO, ORB-HT-51150-APO, ORB-HT-51152-APO, ORB-HT-51154-APO, ORB-HT-51156-APO

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