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Signaline FT-EOL-EN

Signaline FT-EOL-EN

EN54 Part 28 Approved, End of Line Unit

Signaline FT-EN is a brand new linear heat detection system approved to EN54 part 28. Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detectors detect a build up of heat anywhere along their length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature an alarm is initiated.

The Signaline FT-EOL-EN End-of-Line Unit has been approved to EN54-28:2016 for use with the LocatorPlus-EN Control Unit and FT-78-EN or FT-88-EN Signaline Linear Heat Detection cables.

It is designed to effectively terminate up to two zones of FT-78-EN or FT-88-EN cable in a secure, weatherproof enclosure.

Furthermore, the built in switches for testing a fault and alarm condition allow the integrity of the whole system to be functionally checked in situ, providing comprehensive testing and maintenance of the system.

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IP rating: 66
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