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Signaline LocatorPlus-EN

Signaline LocatorPlus-EN

EN54 Part 28 Approved Linear Heat Detector Controller and Alarm Locator

Signaline FT-EN is a brand new linear heat detection system approved to EN54 part 28. Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detectors detect a build up of heat anywhere along their length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature an alarm is initiated.

The Signaline LocatorPlus-EN is a dual zone control monitor module for the Signaline FT-EN cables. With each zones able to mointor 1000m of cable the single unit can cover a vast detection area.

Signaline LocatorPlus-EN is simple and quick to set up and requires no specialist software or programming tools. There are two operating modes allowing the zones to operate independently or interlocking.

In the event of an alarm the Signaline LocatorPlus-EN immediately displays the alarm location and zone of the activation. Allowing quick and efficient alarm notification.

The Signaline LocatorPlus comes in a IP65 box making it suitable for field mounting.

To see the full range from Signaline please visit the dedicated website – www.signaline.com

UK flag Made in the UK

IP rating: 65
Voltages available: 24V DC
Suitable for:

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