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X201SD-200S Xenon Beacon

Xenon Beacon

X201SD-200S Xenon Beacon

The X201SD-200S series are suitable for security & general industrial signalling applications where a more robust and powerful signal is required. These beacons are of the Flashing mode type (single stage alarm) Xenon beacons (sometimes called strobes) are controlled via a PCB and put out a very brief but very bright flash of white light by ionizing and then discharging a large current through the xenon gas. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure. The internal electronics are encapsulated with a resin compound to protect against the harshest of environments, also offering additional protection from vibration. This range of beacons incorporates a Fresnel design on the outside lens designed to maximise the light intensity and has a double flash as standard on the DC versions, single flash on the AC version.

UK flag Made in the UK

IP rating:66
Colours available: Amber   Red  
Voltages available:12V DC, 230V AC, 24V DC, 48V DC
Suitable for:

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