Sounders and beacons protecting workers in Qatar


This was posted over a year ago, on 1 Apr 2015.

More than a 1000 sounders and beacons supplied by LGM Products have been installed in the industrial port of Ras Laffan in Qatar.

Ras Laffan is a major industrial hub and is Qatar’s main site for production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

LGM Products has shipped two products to Ras Laffan to help protect workers when they are staying at their on-site residential facilities.

We have supplied the Solex Xenon beacon which is an excellent cost effective compliment to audible alarms for use in areas of high ambient noise.

Workers will also benefit from the installation of the Flashni – an audio visual combination unit – which requires only one single installation point. This feature greatly reduces installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Our Solex and Flashni units mean the workforce at Ras Laffan will be quickly alerted to a fire – vitally important in such a busy and potentially hazardous industrial centre.

For further details and pricing for Solex and Flashni units please contact our sales team:

This news story was posted on 1 Apr 2015.

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