EN54 Conventional Control Panels for Hong Kong

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This was posted over a year ago, on 17 Apr 2015.

EN54 Conventional Fire Control PanelLGM Products’ latest EN54 Approved Conventional Fire Control Panels have recently been installed as part of a number of projects in Hong Kong.

The panels proved to be an excellent solution for the Wai Chai Telephone Exchange on the northern shore of Hong Kong island.

At LGM Products we are always looking to develop our products in response to our customers requirements and we were delighted to offer the Hong Kong market some specific improvements to the panel.

We supplied the panels with new software which allowed them to accept fire pump monitor signals and also developed new fault alarm management modes to decrease the occurrences of false alarms.

Our Eclipse, 2 & 4 zone and Excel-EN, 2 – 32 zone panels are LPCB approved and CPD compliant. They are UK-made panels which are simple to install and cost-effective to maintain.

They can also operate as either conventional or Twin Wire panels and are suitable for I.S. detection zones.

For further details and pricing please contact our sales team:

This news story was posted on 17 Apr 2015.

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