New GNEx Xenon strobe beacons now available

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This was posted over a year ago, on 10 Mar 2016.

LGM Products is pleased to announce that we are now supplying a new range of GNEx Xenon strobe beacons.

GNEXThe beacons are suitable for all Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 hazardous area applications and have extended temperature range with IECEx and ATEX Ex d approvals.

The beacons are available in 5,10,15, or 21 Joules and customers can choose from a range of colour filters.

The optically enhanced field replaceable colour filter optimises the strobe output for use in high ambient light and over long distances.

The GNEx strobe beacons are housed in IP66 corrosion-proof GRP enclosures which makes them lighter than similar units made out of metal.

This means they are suitable for a range of applications where the weight of the unit must be kept to a minimum such as off shore marine locations.

The GRP enclosure also features a threaded flame path, triple cable entries and a large termination area – all of which significantly reduce installation time.

More Information: Click here for the full GNEx range, browse our new hazardous area brochure or contact our sales team:

This news story was posted on 10 Mar 2016.

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