The Esento Marine Panel: Cruising to Success


This was posted over a year ago, on 28 Apr 2017.

Esento Marine approved panel Catamaran 2We are always pleased to hear how our products are being used around the world. We recently had an update from Elektro-Plus, a ship service company in Poland who needed a marine approved fire control for a small hull. Here is how we helped out…

The customer: Faryj  

The team at Elektro-Plus were asked to build a new catamaran for the Faryj company which operates tourist cruises on the Mazurian Lakes in Eastern Poland. The new vessel – the Faryj 4 – will be the latest addition to the Faryj fleet and will be able to carry up to 246 passengers.

Esento Marine approved panel CatamaranThe problem: A compact marine approved fire detection panel

The Faryj 4 catamaran was designed with a small hull. This design feature represented a different challenge for Elektro-Plus installers: integrating a marine approved fire control panel into an electrical control system for a smaller vessel.

The solution: The Esento Marine Fire Control Panel

Esento Marine approved Fire Control Panel shipping

Approved to MED, ABS and Lloyds Register, the very compact Esento 4 zone panel was perfect for the task and could be easily integrated into the catamaran’s control panel.

The Esento panel has market leading conventional technologies and programming options including programmable inputs and outputs, false alarm management modes, muster alarm and event log.

Compatible with all major marine approved conventional detectors, the panel is easy to install and configure. It has simple colour coded buttons making it straightforward to manage an on-board fire alarm system.

The Esento’s three false alarm modes minimise unwanted alarms and will avert the risk of costly evacuations of passengers from the catamaran.

The Esento has also been designed to minimise ongoing labour costs by providing plenty of space for maintenance tasks such as wiring and changing batteries.

If you would like to find out more about how you can use the Esento fire control panel in the marine industry please browse our Esento webpages or contact our sales team.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing the Faryj 4 set sail in the near future and hopefully we’ll be able to share some photos of its maiden voyage!


This news story was posted on 28 Apr 2017.

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