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This was posted over a year ago, on 4 Aug 2017.

A121 SOUNDERAlthough the fire industry is one of our biggest markets, our warning signals and sirens can be used for all sorts of applications – including out on the golf course. Here is how our warning sirens keep golfers at Bristol & Clifton Golf club up to date from tee to green…

The customer: Bristol & Clifton Golf Club  

Set in mature and undulating parkland, Bristol & Clifton Golf Course offers a “varied and beguiling test” for all golfers. We were contacted by the Club Manager, Neil Newman, who came to us looking for a warning siren.

The problem: An all-weather warning siren which covers the course

Neil needed a method of alerting all golfers out on the course to synchronise tee off times or warn golfers of potential weather hazards such as lightning. But the Bristol & Clifton course measures 6,413 yards meaning he needed a siren that could be heard at a distance of 1.2km with multiple warning tones. The siren also needed to be weatherproof so that it could be mounted outside.

The solution: The cost-effective A121 Sounder

Working with Neil, the solution we agreed on was the A121 sounder. The A121 is a 126db(A) electronic unit meaning a warning siren can be heard 2km away – so even if golfers find themselves way off the back of the green, they will still be alerted. This is particularly important in dangerous weather conditions.

The A121 has 45 tones in three stages, providing Neil with the option of a continuous or intermittent warning sound. The A121 also benefits from a fire retardant IP66 rated weatherproof enclosure – perfect for mounting on top of the clubhouse.

If you would like to find out more about the A121 please browse our product webpage or contact our sales team.

This news story was posted on 4 Aug 2017.

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