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This was posted over a year ago, on 16 Feb 2018.

LGM products has an enviable reputation of supplying some of the finest quality fire detection devices available on the market.

We are now proud to support this product range further with a strategic link up with the market leading Detector Solo365Testers.

Detector Testers award winning products replicate the stimuli that fire detection systems are designed to detect, thereby testing them safely to ensure they are triggered in the event of an incident.

New to the range is the fast and efficient SOLO365. Doing away with traditional smoke cannisters the SOLO365 not only complies with the latest regulatory standards but is more environmentally friendly.

The Detector range also complies with the SOLO regulations for the marine and offshore market helping LGM further serve our diverse customer base.

The new SOLO365 completes the full range of Detector Testers equipment that LGM Products can supply.


For more product information please visit SOLO365 product page or contact the Sales Team.

This news story was posted on 16 Feb 2018.

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