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This was posted over a year ago, on 14 Sep 2018.

LGM has always been a specialist in smoke detection with duct work. Our market leading UG-3 and UG-4 models are the ideal solution for smoke detection within ducts in safe area environments.

However, ducts that could be carrying explosive gases pose significant challenges to safe smoke detection. LGM has teamed up with Heckatron to provide the perfect solution – the LRS04 Ex Duct smoke detector.

This unit can detect the early signs of smoke within ducts and is ATEX approved for use within zones 1 and 2 hazardous locations. Furthermore, the LRS04 Ex is compatible with conventional systems or alternatively can be monitored using an interface unit on the addressable loop.

For further details and to download the product datasheet please click here

The LRS04 Ex further adds to LGM’s wide range of Hazardous area fire detection devices; to see our range please click here.

This news story was posted on 14 Sep 2018.

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