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This was posted over a year ago, on 30 Oct 2019.

Since its launch the FireBeam has become the industry standard for motorised reflective beam smoke detection. Not content with that the FireBeam company has now gone the Xtra distance and updated the leading product so now the beam can reach up to 160m!

In this ever increasingly cost conscious world using the FirebeamXtra will mean you need only purchase one beam instead of two when covering distances over 100m. Not only will the cost of hardware be significantly less but also the cost of installing.

This new design incorporates all the leading features Firebeam have honed over the years. With the latest advanced components they have produced a VdS approved, fully compliant to EN 54-12:2015, beam detector that out performs all other beams in the market place.

For more information and to see the datasheet please click here.

FireBeamXtra Range

This news story was posted on 30 Oct 2019.

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