LGM hits Green Target

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This was posted over a year ago, on 9 Sep 2020.

LGM has been on a mission, a mission to review everything we do and ask ‘is there a way to reduce our environmental impact in what we do’.

It’s never been more important to look after our planet, so last year we established our green agenda.  

However, providing fire detection solutions into global market inevtiably means we must use international freight to deliver our goods worldwide. According to the OECD in 2010 global freight produced 2108 mechtric tonnes of carbon and this is projected to grow to 8132 tonnes by 2050.

So LGM said what can we do to reduce our contribution! Working with our UK and Global logistics partner DHL we signed upto to their GoGreen scheme. GoGreen is a carbon neutral shipping option. A GOGREEN CARBON NEUTRAL shipment is just like any other shipment you send with DHL, except that DHL makes a corresponding contribution to a climate protection project through the purchase of carbon credits from verified and high quality projects, thus neutralising the shipment’s CO2 emissions.

In 2019 we offset 12,035.57 kg CO2e through projects suchs as biomass energy projects in Brazil, waterfilters in Guatemala, and borehole rehabilitation in Eritrea.

To see the full details of our the CO saves made please download our GoGreen Certificate here.

This news story was posted on 9 Sep 2020.

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