NANO Extinguishing Panel gets Marine Approval

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This was posted over a year ago, on 4 Jan 2023.

LGM is very excited to announce that the all new NANO Extinguishing Release control panel now has DNV marine approval. 

The NANO Extinguishing Panel has been developed and intended for the activation of modular extinguishing systems.

The NANO is small and compact and can therefore secure locations where a standard fire/extinguishing panel is not applicable or unsuitable.

The operation is simple, straightforward, and designed in accordance with EN54-2 for fire alarm and alarm systems, EN12094-1 for fixed fire suppression systems.

Due to its construction, the NANO is resistant to vibrations and shocks and is therefore very suitable for the protection of engine compartments of ships and machine areas.

The NANO is equipped with a double fire extinguisher activation technique, intended for the activation of electrically activated fire extinguishers or the activation of a so-called solenoid.

By achieving the DNV certification the NANO panel is a first of its kind in being approved for marine use.

Alongside LGM’s approved conventional and addressable fire detections systems, the NANO further’s our range available to the marine market.

For further information please see the NANO product page or email

This news story was posted on 4 Jan 2023.

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