Moflash launch new Hi-Vis Sounder Beacon with MED Approval

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This was posted over a year ago, on 22 Mar 2023.

The Clifford and Snell range is one of the oldest ranges of Audio Visual Signalling products on the market.

Now this range has been bought bang upto date with the launch of the new Hi-Vis versions of the combination units.

The new Hi-Vis LED is a super bright LED beacon which can be operated in different flash patterns and independent or in combination with the audio alarm.

The Hi-Vis LED will now be an option on the YL50, YL80 and YL80-Super. Giving options on 100-120db(A) combination signalling devices.

Further to the improved light output on the LED beacon the devices now come with MED and UK-MED as standard, opening up these products to the marine market.

For pricing and delivery on these new sounder beacons please email or call our sales team on +44 1252 725257

This news story was posted on 22 Mar 2023.

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