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This was posted over a year ago, on 12 Apr 2023.

E2S is proud to announce that the D1x, GNEx, STEx, AlertAlarm and AlertAlight ranges of alarm horn sounders, LED and Xenon Strobe beacons, plus combination sounders with beacons, are now available with SIL1 and SIL2 compliance as standard.

Assessed as per the guidance stipulated in IEC 61508 (2010) Random Hardware Failures and Systematic Failures – Route 2H. The system type is classified as B, as per clause As compliance is achieved in a 1oo1 architecture no duplication or redundancy of devices is required (as demanded by products that are only SIL2 compliant when in a 1oo2 architecture).

The approval now means that SIL1 and SIL2 approval can be provided for explosion proof audible and visual signals in marine grade aluminium, GRP or stainless steel enclosures as well as ABS plastic safe area devices.

The SIL1 ad SIL2 compliance extends also to the E2S range of break glass manual call points and push buttons with, tool reset, momentary and dual action

LGM Products is a proud distributor of E2S warning signals for over 30 years. LGM wide stock holding of their alarm sounders, beacons and combination units means we have SIL, ATEX, IECEX, UL, DNV, MED and EN54 approved devices available for next day delivery.

Find out how we can help with your signalling requirements by calling +44 1252 725257 or email 

This news story was posted on 12 Apr 2023.

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