From Awareness to Action: LGM ‘Gets Moving’ at Climate Fresk Workshop

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This was posted over a year ago, on 1 Jun 2023.

This week LGM participated in the excellent Climate Fresk workshop, unveiling the causes, risks, and ways in which we, as individuals and as LGM, can help reduce the impact of climate change.

Led by the esteemed Jerome Lucas, this transformative event has left LGM equipped with newfound knowledge and actionable insights.

The Climate Fresk workshop grabbed our attention right from the start! Jerome captivated the LGM team with thought-provoking insights into the pressing issues that confront our world. From rising temperatures to extreme weather events, we confronted the gravity of the challenges that lie ahead.

As the workshop progressed, the intricacies of climate change were unveiled layer by layer. Jerome navigated the session through the causes and consequences, shedding light on the interconnectedness of various aspects. We were struck by the urgency to address this global crisis.

Jerome transitioned from highlighting the challenges to emphasizing the potential solutions. By presenting actionable points, he ignited our desire to become agents of change. The workshop awakened a collective yearning to contribute towards a sustainable future, ensuring the well-being of our planet and future generations.

It is also evident that we need to act fast to rectify the problem.

Towards the end of the work shop Jerome challenged the team to title the work we had done. Thus LGM came up with the title ‘Let’s Get Moving’.

This embodies the team feeling we have within LGM to not just acknowledge the problem but to act on it. The Climate Fresk workshop has equipped us with the tools to make a tangible difference in our lives, businesses, and communities.

Financial Director, Dawn Revess, said ‘The Climate Fresk workshop has been a fascinating and challenging day. It has shone a light on the urgency of which we must react and change our habits and working practises to avoid climate disaster.’

Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey, one step at a time, towards a better tomorrow. The time for change is now! 🌍💚

This news story was posted on 1 Jun 2023.

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