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Marine Approval for VTG Sounders and VTB Sounder Beacons

VTB-Red Sounder BeaconOur versatile VTG sounders and VTB combined sounder beacons are now approved to the MED marine standard.

These cost-effective units are designed to be used in conventional alarm systems and the MED approval demonstrates their suitability for a variety of off-shore and marine applications.

The 24Vdc VTG and VTB units also have a low current consumption and are available in either red or white. The VTB can be supplied with a variety of lens colours and a deep or shallow base.

The VTG sounders and VTB sounder beacons add to LGM’s comprehensive product range for the marine sector. We supply everything you need for a complete marine approved system including the MED, LR and ABS approved Esento Marine Panel and a variety of marine approved fire detection devices.

All these products are listed in our latest marine brochure which is available for download (pdf).

For more detailed technical information including datasheets, please visit the VTG sounder or VTB sounder beacon pages on our website.

Please contact our sales team for further details on pricing and our short lead times on these units.

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