AL105NX Alarm Horn Sounder & Xenon Strobe Beacon

The AL105NX is an industrial Electronic Sounder Beacon approved to EN54, UL and MED standards

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Manufacturer part number: AL105NXDC012R/A, AL105NXDC012R/B, AL105NXDC012R/C, AL105NXDC012R/G, AL105NXDC012R/R, AL105NDC12R/R-UL, AL105NXDC012R/Y, AL105NXDC024G/A, AL105NXD0C24G/B, AL105NXDC024G/C, AL105NXDC024G/G, AL105NXDC024G/R, AL105NXDC024G/Y, AL105NXDC024R/A, AL105NDC24R/A-UL, AL105NXDC024R/B, AL105NXDC024R/C, AL105NXDC024R/G, AL105NXDC024R/O, AL105NXDC024R/R, AL105NDC24R/R-UL, AL105NXDC024R/Y, AL105NXDC024W/A, AL105NXDC024W/B, AL105NXDC024W/C, AL105NXDC024W/G, AL105NXDC024W/R, AL105NXDC024W/Y, AL105NHDC024R/R, AL105NXAC024R/A, AL105NXAC024R/B, AL105NXAC024R/C, AL105NXAC024R/G, AL105NXAC024R/R, AL105NXAC024R/Y, AL105NXAC024W/A, AL105NXDC048G/A, AL105NXDC048R/A, AL105NXDC048R/B, AL105NXDC048R/C, AL105NXDC048R/G, AL105NXDC048R/R, AL105NDC48R/R-UL, AL105NXDC048R/Y, AL105NXAC048R/A, AL105NXAC048R/B, AL105NXAC048R/C, AL105NXAC048R/G, AL105NXAC048R/R, AL105NXAC048R/Y, AL105NXAC115G/A, AL105NXAC115G/B, AL105NXAC115G/C, AL105NXAC115G/G, AL105NXAC115G/R, AL105NXAC115G/Y, AL105NXAC115R/A, AL105NXAC115R/B, AL105NXAC115R/C, AL105NXAC115R/G, AL105NXAC115R/O, AL105NXAC115R/R, AL105NXAC115R/Y, AL105NAC115R/A-U, AL105NXAC230G/B, AL105NXAC230G/C, AL105NXAC230G/G, AL105NXAC230G/R, AL105NXAC230G/Y, AL105NXAC230R/A, AL105NXAC230R/B, AL105NXAC230R/C, AL105NXAC230R/G, AL105NXAC230R/O, AL105NXAC230R/R, AL105NXAC230R/R-, AL105NAC115R/R-U, AL105NXAC230R/Y, AL105NAC115R/Y-U, AL105NXAC230W/A, AL105NXAC230W/B, AL105NXAC230W/C, AL105NXAC230W/G, AL105NXAC230W/R, AL105NXAC230W/Y, AL105NSONTELG/A, AL105NSONTELG/B, AL105NSONTELG/C, AL105NSONTELG/Y, AL105NSONTELR/A, AL105NSONTELR/B, AL105NSONTELR/C, AL105NSONTELR/G, AL105NSONTELR/O, AL105NSONTELR/R, AL105NXAC230R/R-, AL105NAC230R/Y-U
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The AL105NX is the industry standard for combined audible and visual signalling. The high output 113dB(A) alarm horn sounder is combined with a 5 Joule, 200cd Xenon strobe beacon. CPR complaint, EN54-3 and EN54-23 tested and UL/cUL approved. Featuring 64 alarm tone frequencies and 4 remotely activated stages/channels.

Globally approved for fire, marine and general applications the low current consumption and high SPL in a robust fire retardant enclosure ensure the AL105NX is suitable for all signalling applications including fire, security and process control. The alarm horn sounder and Xenon strobe beacon may be connected from a single or separate supplies for simultaneous or independent operation.

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