RA201/200 Rotating Mirror Beacon with Base Buzzer

Rotating Beacon with Integrated Base Buzzer

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The R201/200 and RA201/200 series offer a cost effective, single stage alarm, suitable for a wide range of applications where a powerful and commanding signal is required. It incorporates a parabolic reflector which, when energised, revolves around a continuously illuminated lamp. This creates a powerful beam of light that sweeps through 360 degrees. The reflector is driven by a twin belt drive system that is powered by a series wound motor for ‘AC’ units and a permanent magnet motor for ‘DC’ units. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure through the base. The RA201/200 series incorporates a piezo buzzer on the side of the base that is automatically activated when the light source is energised. Independent buzzer control can be made to order.

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