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IS-CP4A-BG / IS-CP4B-BG IS Break Glass Call Point

Exia Intrinsically Safe Manual Break Glass Call Point

IS-CP4A-BG / IS-CP4B-BG IS Break Glass Call Point

The IS-CP4A-BG and IS-CP4B-BG break glass manual call points are approved for Zones 0, 1, 2, 21 & 22 requiring intrinsically safe equipment for the control of fire and gas alarm systems. Available with and without monitoring resistors all versions are certified to ATEX and IECEx standards. The IS-CP4 range features enclosures manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade, copper free LM6 (A413) aluminium which is phosphated and powder coated.

A type – no end of line devices
B type – choice of end of line devices
ST: Standard
DR: DIN rail (only on IS-CP4B type)
Lift flap:LF
Lift flap
No lift flap
Duty label:NL
No duty label
Duty label required – specify contents
Red enclosure colour
Other enclosure colour – contact sales
E.O.L. Resistor:ExxxRResistor value in Ohms e.g. E470R = 470 Ohm
(only required for BExCP3B type)
Series Resistor:SxxxRResistor value in Ohms e.g. E1K5R = 1.5K Ohm
(only required for BExCP3B type)

UK flag Made in the UK

IP rating:66
Colours available: Black   Blue   Green   Magenta   Red   White   Yellow  
Suitable for:
Approvals:, , ,

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