Approvals for Signaline Linear Heat Detection: EN54 part 22, EN54 part 28

Signaline has strived to get the latest international approvals for linear heat detection cables.

Presently Signaline FT is approved to UL, cUL, FM, KFI, QCD, HK FSD and DCD, making it one of the most approved linear heat detectors on the market.

Within the EU the appropiate approvals are:

  • EN54 Part 22: Resettable line-type heat detectors
  • EN54 Part 28: Non-resettable line-type heat detectors

Our Signaline FT-EN range of non-resettable linear heat detectors now has the EN54 part 28 approval.

Below provides some further background to these standards and what approvals Signaline cables have.


Almost all fire detection and alarm equipment currently in production for use in Europe is required to conform to a relevant harmonised European standard (EN standard).

Conformity to a particular standard is evidenced by 3rd party certification from a recognised authority such as BRE in the UK, VdS in Germany, KEMA in the Netherlands and similar bodies.

When a given product is certified as conforming to a particular EN standard, the certificate is valid across the whole of the European Union. Indeed many countries outside of the EU recognise EN standards and certification schemes as the benchmark standard.

Linear heat detector cables have been used as a primary fire detection device for many years, mainly in heavy industrial applications. But the latest generation of linear detection cables significantly widens the scope for linear heat detection, particularly with the introduction of EN54 part 22 and EN54 part 28 standards.

The market for linear heat detection cables is expanding and its popularity increasing. Therefore it is worth knowing what the applicable standards are.

FM and UL Approvals for Signaline FT Linear Heat Detectors

Signaline FT linear heat detection cables are often the only form of active fire detection available for some applications such as areas with high ambient temperatures which require a very high alarm temperature (e.g. 185°C or 230°C) or environments that are hard to protect where hot corrosive gases or liquids are present.

North American organisations, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM), both publish standards to which fixed temperature linear heat detector cables can be tested. The standards are technically demanding and hard to meet.

Fixed temperature linear heat detector cables certified by UL and FM are the best in their class.

Specifiers can be assured that a  Signaline FT linear heat detector cables tested to these standards can be trusted to perform in arduous environments.

Both UL and FM publish guidelines relating to the spacing and height at which fixed temperature linear heat detector cables may be installed.

Signaline FT linear heat detector cables are approved by both UL and FM. Signaline FT-R range are approved by UL.

Signaline LocatorPlus

Furthermore the Signaline LocatorPlus also carries the UL approval.

As well as these international approvals LGM works hard to get local national approvals. For example, Signaline FT is now approved by Kuwait Civil Defense, Hong Kong Fire Service department, Qatar Civil Defense and the Korean Fire Institue.

You can download the approval certificates here.

Approval for Signaline FT-EN Non-Resettable Line Type Heat Detectors

In January 2020 Signaline launched the new Signaline FT-EN range. This range, based on the Signaline FT product, is now approved to EN54 part 28.

EN54 part 28 is the European standard for non-resetable (also know as digital) line type heat detectors (more commonly known as Linear Heat Detector).

This range includes Signaline FT-78-EN, Signaline FT-88-EN cables as well as the Signaline LocatorPlus-EN and the Signaline FT-EOL-EN.

The approval was completed by UL EU to the EN54 part 28 (2016) version of the standard.

Signaline was delighted to be one of the first companies to achieve this new standard.

Approval for Signaline HD Analogue Cables

Analogue linear heat detector cables such as the Signaline HD series were certified to EN54 part 5. This is exactly the same standard to which conventional heat detectors, such as Apollo Series 65 heat detectors, are approved to.

However, the recent introduction of EN54 part 22 means that as of November 2019 the EN54 part 5 approval is no longer applicable to Signaline HD and the SKM03 controllers.

For markets where EN54 approval is required we recomend the use of the Signaline FT-EN range as an appropiate replacement.

For further information regarding Signaline and the approval it holds, please do see the dedicated Signaline website or email our sales team on

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