BExH120 ‘Hootronic’ Sounder

BExH120 ‘Hootronic’ Explosion-Proof Alarm Horn

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The flameproof BExH120 ‘Hootronic’ Siren is suitable for Zone 1 and 2 applications. The BExH120D authentically reproduces the traditional sounds of electro-mechanical devices whilst providing a significantly higher level of performance and reliability. The BExDH120 variant is also suitable for Zone 21 and 22. The E2S Hootronic series of products faithfully reproduce the sounds made by legacy electro-mechanical signalling devices but in a modern, reliable and cost effective way. With output levels of up to 117.5dB(A) at 1 metre the BExH120 surpasses legacy electro-mechanical devices in performance and effectiveness, it is also continuously rated, requires zero maintenance and the signal quality will not degrade with age.

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