E2S Pole Mount Bracket Kit 2″

St/St A4 (316) (GNEX/BEX/STEX)

Looking for a sturdy and reliable pole mount bracket kit for your beacons, sounders, or call points? Look no further than the E2S Pole Mount Bracket Kit available.

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E2S Pole Mount Bracket Kit 2″ St/St A4 (316) for Beacons/Sounders/Call Points across GNEX/BEX/STEX ranges.

Made from high-quality stainless steel A4 (316), this bracket kit is designed to withstand even the harshest environments. It is specifically designed for use with all GNEX, BEX, and STEX beacon, sounder, and call point ranges.

Whether you need to mount emergency signaling equipment on poles in outdoor locations or industrial sites, this bracket kit provides a secure and durable solution. The 2″ diameter allows for easy installation on most standard-sized poles.



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