E2S L101X Xenon Beacon

EN54-23 Approved Xenon Beacon

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Manufacturer part number: ST-L101XDC024R, ST-L101XDC024A, ST-L101XDC024B, ST-L101XDC024G, ST-L101XAC230R, ST-L101XAC230A, ST-L101XAC230B, ST-L101XAC230G, L101XAC115MR/R-U, L101AC12R/A, L101AC12R/B, L101AC12R/C, L101AC12R/G, L101AC12R/R, L101XDC012BR/A, L101XDC012SR/A, L101DC12R/A-UL, L101XDC012BR/B, L101XDC012SR/B, L101XDC012BR/C, L101XDC012SR/C, L101XDC012BR/G, L101XDC012SR/G, L101XDC012R/O, L101XDC012BR/R, L101XDC012SR/R, L101XDC012R/Y, L101XDC012SR/Y, L101XDC012BW/A, L101XDC012W/B, L101XDC012W/C, L101XDC012W/G, L101XDC012BW/R, L101XDC012W/Y, L101SDC24B/A, L101SDC24B/B, L101SDC24B/R, L101SDC24G/A, L101SDC24SG/A, L101XDC024AG/B, L101XDC024G/B, L101XDC024BG/C, L101XDC024G/G, L101XDC024BG/R, L101XDC024MG/R, L101XDC024BG/Y, L101XDC024BR/A, L101XDC024AR/A, L101XDC024SR/A, L101SDC24R/A, L101DC24R/A-UL, L101XDC024BR/B, L101XDC024AR/B, L101XDC024SR/B, L101SDC24R/B, L101DC24R/B-UL, L101XDC024BR/C, L101XDC024AR/C, L101XDC024SR/C, L101SDC24R/C, L101XDC024BR/G, L101XDC024AR/G, L101XDC024MR/G, L101XDC024SR/G, L101SDC24R/G, L101XDC024BR/O, L101XDC024BR/R, L101XDC024AR/R, L101XDC024MR/R, L101XDC024SR/R, L101SDC24R/R, L101DC24R/R-UL, L101XDC024R/Y, L101XDC024AR/Y, L101XDC024SR/Y, L101SDC24R/Y, L101DC24R/Y-UL, L101SDC24SW/A, L101SDC24W/A, L101XDC024BW/A, L101XDC024AW/A, L101XDC024SW/A, L101XDC024BW/B, L101SDC24W/B, L101SDC24SW/B, L101SDC24W/C, L101SDC24SW/C, L101XDC024BW/C, L101SDC24SW/G, L101XDC024W/G, L101SDC24W/G, L101XDC024BW/R, L101XDC024SW/R, L101SDC24W/R, L101SDC24SW/R, L101SDC24SW/Y, L101XDC024W/Y, L101SDC24W/Y, L101SDC24B/C, L101SDC24B/G, L101SDC24B/Y, L101XDC024BG/A, L101XDC048BR/A, L101XDC048SR/A, L101DC48R/A-UL, L101XDC048BR/B, L101XDC048SR/B, L101XDC048BR/C, L101XDC048SR/C, L101XDC048BR/G, L101XDC048SR/G, L101XDC048BR/O, L101XDC048BR/R, L101XDC048SR/R, L101XDC048BR/Y, L101XDC048SR/Y, L101XAC115BG/A, L101XAC115G/B, L101XAC115G/C, L101XAC115G/G, L101XAC115BG/R, L101XAC115G/Y, L101XAC115BR/A, L101SAC115R/A, L101XAC115BR/B, L101SAC115R/B, L101XAC115BR/C, L101SAC115R/C, L101XAC115R/G, L101SAC115R/G, L101XAC115BR/R, L101SAC115R/R, L101XAC115R/Y, L101SAC115R/Y, L101XAC115BW/A, L101XAC115W/B, L101XAC115W/C, L101XAC115W/R, L101XAC115W/Y, L101AC115R/C-UL, L101XAC230AB/A, L101XAC230BG/A, L101XAC230G/B, L101XAC230BG/C, L101XAC230BG/G, L101XAC230BG/R, L101XAC230G/Y, L101XAC230BR/A, L101XAC230AR/A, L101XAC230SR/A, L101SAC230R/A, L101XAC230BR/B, L101XAC230AR/B, L101XAC230SR/B, L101SAC230R/B, L101XAC230BR/C, L101XAC230AR/C, L101XAC230SR/C, L101SAC230R/C, L101XAC230BR/G, L101XAC230AR/G, L101XAC230SR/G, L101SAC230R/G, L101XAC230BR/O, L101XAC230AR/O, L101XAC230SR/O, L101XAC230BR/R, L101XAC230AR/R, L101XAC230SR/R, L101SAC230R/R, L101AC230R/R-UL, L101XAC230R/Y, L101XAC230AR/Y, L101XAC230SR/Y, L101SAC230R/Y, L101XAC230BW/A, L101XAC230BW/B, L101XAC230W/C, L101XAC230W/G, L101XAC230W/R, L101XAC230W/Y, L101SAC230W/B, L101SAC230W/C, L101SAC230W/G, L101SAC230W/Y, L101SAC230W/A, L101SAC230W/R, ST-L101XDC024R, ST-L101XDC024A, ST-L101XDC024B, ST-L101XDC024G, ST-L101XAC230R, ST-L101XAC230A, ST-L101XAC230B, ST-L101XAC230G
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We can also supply this product in Unit colours Grey and White; Lens colours Blue, Clear, Green and Yellow; and Voltages 115 VAC, 12 VDC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC, 48 VAC and 48 VDC. Contact us for a quote...
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The L101X is a compact, robust 5 Joule Xenon strobe beacon ideal for all signalling applications including fire, security and process control. UL/cUL approved and CPR compliant – tested to EN54-23. SIL1 compliant.

Automatically synchronised with an effective light output of 200 cd. Featuring a fire retardent, UV stable IP66 Type 4/4X/13/3R enclosure the L101X is suitable for all environments. Available with a choice of mounting options and seven lens colours.

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