L101X Xenon Beacon

EN54-23 Approved Xenon Beacon

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Manufacturer part number: ST-L101XDC024R, ST-L101XDC024A, ST-L101XDC024B, ST-L101XDC024G, ST-L101XAC230R, ST-L101XAC230A, ST-L101XAC230B, ST-L101XAC230G, L101XAC115MR/R-U, L101AC12R/A, L101AC12R/B, L101AC12R/C, L101AC12R/G, L101AC12R/R, L101XDC012BR/A, L101XDC012SR/A, L101DC12R/A-UL, L101XDC012BR/B, L101XDC012SR/B, L101XDC012BR/C, L101XDC012SR/C, L101XDC012BR/G, L101XDC012SR/G, L101XDC012R/O, L101XDC012BR/R, L101XDC012SR/R, L101XDC012R/Y, L101XDC012SR/Y, L101XDC012BW/A, L101XDC012W/B, L101XDC012W/C, L101XDC012W/G, L101XDC012BW/R, L101XDC012W/Y, L101SDC24B/A, L101SDC24B/B, L101SDC24B/R, L101SDC24G/A, L101SDC24SG/A, L101XDC024AG/B, L101XDC024G/B, L101XDC024BG/C, L101XDC024G/G, L101XDC024BG/R, L101XDC024MG/R, L101XDC024BG/Y, L101XDC024BR/A, L101XDC024AR/A, L101XDC024SR/A, L101SDC24R/A, L101DC24R/A-UL, L101XDC024BR/B, L101XDC024AR/B, L101XDC024SR/B, L101SDC24R/B, L101DC24R/B-UL, L101XDC024BR/C, L101XDC024AR/C, L101XDC024SR/C, L101SDC24R/C, L101XDC024BR/G, L101XDC024AR/G, L101XDC024MR/G, L101XDC024SR/G, L101SDC24R/G, L101XDC024BR/O, L101XDC024BR/R, L101XDC024AR/R, L101XDC024MR/R, L101XDC024SR/R, L101SDC24R/R, L101DC24R/R-UL, L101XDC024R/Y, L101XDC024AR/Y, L101XDC024SR/Y, L101SDC24R/Y, L101DC24R/Y-UL, L101SDC24SW/A, L101SDC24W/A, L101XDC024BW/A, L101XDC024AW/A, L101XDC024SW/A, L101XDC024BW/B, L101SDC24W/B, L101SDC24SW/B, L101SDC24W/C, L101SDC24SW/C, L101XDC024BW/C, L101SDC24SW/G, L101XDC024W/G, L101SDC24W/G, L101XDC024BW/R, L101XDC024SW/R, L101SDC24W/R, L101SDC24SW/R, L101SDC24SW/Y, L101XDC024W/Y, L101SDC24W/Y, L101SDC24B/C, L101SDC24B/G, L101SDC24B/Y, L101XDC024BG/A, L101XDC048BR/A, L101XDC048SR/A, L101DC48R/A-UL, L101XDC048BR/B, L101XDC048SR/B, L101XDC048BR/C, L101XDC048SR/C, L101XDC048BR/G, L101XDC048SR/G, L101XDC048BR/O, L101XDC048BR/R, L101XDC048SR/R, L101XDC048BR/Y, L101XDC048SR/Y, L101XAC115BG/A, L101XAC115G/B, L101XAC115G/C, L101XAC115G/G, L101XAC115BG/R, L101XAC115G/Y, L101XAC115BR/A, L101SAC115R/A, L101XAC115BR/B, L101SAC115R/B, L101XAC115BR/C, L101SAC115R/C, L101XAC115R/G, L101SAC115R/G, L101XAC115BR/R, L101SAC115R/R, L101XAC115R/Y, L101SAC115R/Y, L101XAC115BW/A, L101XAC115W/B, L101XAC115W/C, L101XAC115W/R, L101XAC115W/Y, L101AC115R/C-UL, L101XAC230AB/A, L101XAC230BG/A, L101XAC230G/B, L101XAC230BG/C, L101XAC230BG/G, L101XAC230BG/R, L101XAC230G/Y, L101XAC230BR/A, L101XAC230AR/A, L101XAC230SR/A, L101SAC230R/A, L101XAC230BR/B, L101XAC230AR/B, L101XAC230SR/B, L101SAC230R/B, L101XAC230BR/C, L101XAC230AR/C, L101XAC230SR/C, L101SAC230R/C, L101XAC230BR/G, L101XAC230AR/G, L101XAC230SR/G, L101SAC230R/G, L101XAC230BR/O, L101XAC230AR/O, L101XAC230SR/O, L101XAC230BR/R, L101XAC230AR/R, L101XAC230SR/R, L101SAC230R/R, L101AC230R/R-UL, L101XAC230R/Y, L101XAC230AR/Y, L101XAC230SR/Y, L101SAC230R/Y, L101XAC230BW/A, L101XAC230BW/B, L101XAC230W/C, L101XAC230W/G, L101XAC230W/R, L101XAC230W/Y, L101SAC230W/B, L101SAC230W/C, L101SAC230W/G, L101SAC230W/Y, L101SAC230W/A, L101SAC230W/R, ST-L101XDC024R, ST-L101XDC024A, ST-L101XDC024B, ST-L101XDC024G, ST-L101XAC230R, ST-L101XAC230A, ST-L101XAC230B, ST-L101XAC230G
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We can also supply this product in Unit colours Grey and White; Lens colours Blue, Clear, Green and Yellow; and Voltages 115 VAC, 12 VDC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC, 48 VAC and 48 VDC. Contact us for a quote...
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The L101X is a compact, robust 5 Joule Xenon strobe beacon ideal for all signalling applications including fire, security and process control. UL/cUL approved and CPR compliant – tested to EN54-23. SIL1 compliant.

Automatically synchronised with an effective light output of 200 cd. Featuring a fire retardent, UV stable IP66 Type 4/4X/13/3R enclosure the L101X is suitable for all environments. Available with a choice of mounting options and seven lens colours.

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Unit colour

Grey, Red, White

Lens colour

Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Yellow


Safe area

IP rating



115 VAC, 12 VDC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 48 VAC, 48 VDC



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