Signaline Linear Water Detection

Signaline Water detection is a simple, easy to install system, to detect the early ingress of water.

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Signaline WD Water Detection Cable is a unique 4 core twisted cable that is tightly bound in a nylon fish net braid, enabling water to easily come in contact with the sensitive elements of the cable. Two of the cores provide low voltage and low current power to the circuit while the other 2 cores are sensitive to the presence of water.

Available in 3.75m, 7.5m, 15m, 30m and 100m lengths.

The Signaline WDM-KM Control Module is a completely sealed compact device that monitors the Signaline WD Water Detection Cable.

The Signaline WD Water Detection Cable simply plugs into a socket on the Signaline WDM-KM Control Module for a secure and reliable connection.

The presence of water on the Signaline WD Water Detection Cable triggers the alarm relay. A break in the detection cores or power loss to the module will trigger the fault circuit.

The simplicity and flexibility of the system allow the control module and sensor cable to be installed after all other building work has been completed.

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