Uniguard 8 Optical Duct Smoke Detector

Optical smoke detector with service alarm for duct mounting, Free-rotation in any direction and Electronic airflow indication.

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The UG8 Uniguard has been developed to measure smoke in ventilation ducts and consists of a smoke detector and duct enclosure system, specially-designed for optimal airflow through the smoke detector.  The UG8 can be mounted on either side of the duct. The UG8 comes a rotating section that, together with your chosen Venturi tube, is mounted on the ventilation duct. It also has a “FLOW arrow” for easy installation in the correct direction for the airflow. The direction of the arrow should correspond with the direction of the airflow in the duct. The patent-pending detector enclosure with cable inputs and reset button can be rotated in any direction to suit the characteristics of the mounting location. Both the smoke detector chamber and connection  chamber covers have snap locks for quick access.

• Two alarm relays to, for example, control fire protection dampers or to start/stop the ventilation fans.
• A service alarm relay and low-flow alarm relay, which indicate when maintenance is needed before a false alarm occurs, as well as that the airflow in the duct is low or that the UG8 is mounted at an unsuitable place in the duct.
• A system failure relay, which indicates failures in the smoke detector circuit.

The detector has an intelligent monitoring circuit that constantly checks and adjusts the sensitivity for optimum functionality throughout its service life. When the detector can no longer compensate for contamination and starts to approach a false alarm, a service alarm will be indicated.  The detector is fitted with a bayonet mount, making it easy to fit and remove. If a system failure occurs in the UG8, e.g. if a detector is removed, a yellow LED on the circuit board will start to flash and the system failure relay will be disabled. In the even of a system failure, other  relays will also be disabled.

The UG8 can be used with Calectro’s ST280 and ST580 Venturi tubes, as well as the extension tube ST-EXTEND (sold separately).

Made in Sweden

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